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One of the things most online business owners struggle with is coming up with content and advertising keywords.

It’s really the make-or-break of the business. Bad keywords will be a huge cash drain instead of a money maker for you.

Better Keywords through Technology

There’s a laughably easy way to find an endless supply of high quality keywords that potential customers are actually searching for. Instead of having to brainstorm a list of related words, search terms, etc. for every piece of content, experts go directly to the source and find out the exact phrases being used in your target market.

That solution is AnswerThePublic.

AnswerThePublic uses search history data to relay the exact search terms your future customers are using.

You start by entering a broad search term, like “start a business”. Then, choose which country you’d like data from (your own is best). Hit the search button and voila! It’s literally like printing money.

You get a trove of actual phrases people have searched, ranked by popularity and relevance. Here’s an example of just some of the keywords my search for “start a business” turned up:

AnswerThePublic Keywords for “start a business”

This search alone has enough ideas for at least 10-20 high quality, relevant pieces of content, including adwords. These are the exact keywords that you should be targeting instead of generic terms.

And at $99 a month, the Pro Plan is a steal. It honestly paid for itself within the first month of me using it. I was able to target my potential customers much easier and at the same time provide them with higher quality content that was directly relevant to what they were looking for.

If your keywords aren’t working out and driving customers to you in droves, you need AnswerThePublic.