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This is such a hot topic even in the current year and I just don’t understand why. Well I guess I probably do. But I’ll save you a lot of reading. Can you make money online with surveys?

Not really.

If you’re looking to make money online, read instead my post What are the ways to make money online for a solid overview of what types of businesses actually make money online.

Why Surveys?

In my post 3 Reasons Why You Can’t Make Money Online, I spoke about some of the behavior pitfalls that get in the way of success when starting a business.

One of those was not being willing to put in the effort.

And that’s what Surveys are – low effort.

I’ve often found those who struggle at making money online are the ones who aren’t willing to do what it takes, day after day, to get the results they want. They’re looking for the easiest way.

If that sounds like you, you need to cut it out now!

So how much can you make?

Realistically – only about a couple dollars an hour.

This kind of information – your opinions, your personal data, etc – is very valuable to companies in aggregate, but not very valuable to you individually.

Consider this – the average facebook user in the US is worth about 30 cents a day in terms of advertising!

That’s it…

This is the reason why you can only make a couple dollars an hour answering surveys. It just consumes all of your attention, and will never be profitable, except for the survey company selling your data in bulk to advertising companies!

And that’s that! Stay away from surveys!